salumi - Salame

Friulano Salami

Friuli’s finest cured meat. We at Salumificio Coletti have been producing it for more than 40 years, always in line with our experience and tradition. This product is fragrant and delicate during the early aging stage and aromatic when medium-aged.
salumi - Soppressa


It’s a type of cured meat, whose mixture has the same characteristics of salami, both in terms of quality of the meat and grain grinding. Compared to salami, Salumificio Coletti’s Soppressa is larger and is aged for longer periods.
salumi - Salame Tagliato

Cut Salami

This type of salami is made by our “Maestri Norcini”, who prepare the mixture manually. Its grain is variegated due to the proportion between fat and lean. We at Salumificio Coletti carefully select the meat we use to produce this incredible product.
salumi - Salumificio - Coppa


This cured meat is obtained from an entire piece of meat containing a fair percentage of fat. We at Salumificio Coletti carefully select the raw material to provide a product that stands out for its unique taste and delicacy.
salumi - Salumificio - Pancetta


This cured meat has a higher percentage of fat compared to the lean part. Its special taste is due to the long ageing period, which brings out all the taste of the lean part. We at Salumificio Coletti provide it in two versions: natural and rosemary flavoured, both stuffed in a natural casing.
salumi - Salumificio - Culatello


This cured meat is obtained by salting the “fiocco”, i.e. the lean part of the pig’s thigh. After being stored in brine, Salumificio Coletti’s Culatello is stuffed in the casings and tied up. Once aged, the product appears with its characteristic oval shape and with grey-white natural mould.
salumi - Salumificio - Fegatello


It’s a traditional fresh cured meat produced in the winter. In this product, the liver is added to the raw material used to make salsiccia (sausage).
salumi - Salumificio -


This is Friuli’s typical cured meat. We use only high-quality ingredients to make this excellent product. The mixture is made with mixed pork meat, with a higher percentage of the lean part.
salumi - Salumificio - Salsiccia Piccante

Spicy Sausage

This excellent product stands out for its mix of aromas and spices, the same used to season fresh cured meats. The addition of the right amounts of paprika and chili pepper makes this product special.
Salumificio - Musetto


E' la specialità che contraddistingue il Salumificio Coletti. L'impasto è composto principalemente da carni magre selezionate che vanno a miscelarsi sapientemente alla parte della tipica cotenna fresca. Viene prodotto durante tutto l'anno ma è nel periodo invernale che trova la sua naturale collocazione insieme alla "brovada" per dar vita alla pietanza più tradizionale della terra friulana.
salumi - Salumificio - Bondiola - Linguale

Bondiola e Linguale

Both these cured meats are the result of the rediscovery of ancient tastes. Bondiola is a tasty type of cured meat, whose mixture is made with pork meat seasoned with garlic and Marsala. This mixture is stuffed into the pork’s bladder and tied with four thin cords so as to form the characteristic shape. The cooking methods are the same as for cotechino. Linguale has the same characteristics as cotechino with the addition of the pork’s tongue previously cured. Products available in the winter.
salumi - Lardo

Lardo e Golino

The former is obtained from the pig’s fresh fat, whereas the latter from the pig’s fresh throat. They are first accurately shaped and processed, and then seasoned with salt and pepper.
Salumificio - Maialino

Maialino (Piggy)

Salumificio Coletti’s Maialino is a type of salami made with the same raw material used for making the Friulano salami. A witty idea for a traditional gift.
salumi - Salumificio - Confezionati


All our products can be vacuum-sealed in confortable packages able to guarantee a perfect preservation of the product.

Exclusively Italian pork meat, carefully selected with high - quality feed.